30-11-2015 21:58

Did you know That Chemotherapy kills Cancer Patients Faster Than No Treatment At All?

Having spent all my adult life looking into the issues relating to health, treatments and disease, I found that it is difficult for the public to get their head round the fact that the conventional treatment is a business with special interests, stakeholders, investors, charities etc, each profiting heavily from this multi-billion dollar industry. The very people who are supposed to benefit from this industry are the very ones who pay dearly with vastly marked up prices, enduring a barbaric and gruesome painful treatment that ultimately cost them their lives. This not to rub anybody the wrong way, it is just the facts.






30-07-2019 10:18

Afzetten borst bij kanker vaak onnodig

  Uit voorzorg de beide borsten weghalen blijkt niet nodig voor dragers van het specifieke en...

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