04-02-2016 16:07

World Cancer Day: Why Cancer Awareness Isn’t Enough

As we arrive at yet another day dedicated to raising awareness about cancer, you might want to start preparing yourself for a social media onslaught of nebulous hashtags, colorful ribbon overlays, and of course fundraising drives designed to pull at your heart strings in order to get to your wallet.

I'm talking about World Cancer Day on February 4 − a pointless initiative of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). World Cancer Day is a day of international cancer awareness that despite its benevolent veneer, is sadly just more of the same cancer industry propaganda and smokescreens.

Sponsored by a who's-who consortium of some of the world's largest pharmaceutical corporations, World Cancer Day brags that its mission is to "save millions of preventable deaths each year" simply by raising more awareness about cancer. But does the world really need to be reminded for the umpteenth time that cancer exists? And has all this awareness done anything at all to actually curb cancer rates?





30-07-2019 10:18

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